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From Makeup School to Makeup Artist

Are you at a makeup school? Just finished your qualification in makeup? A bit bemused about what to do next? Needing a little guidance?

There’s no one path. For some it takes years of trial and error.

One thing we know for sure, you need; a passion to learn.

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Getting into Theatre

As a Make-up/Hair artist there are many different routes into work that you can take. Each sector of the industry is very different. This article advises you on how to get into theatre.

Working in theatre as a Wigs, Hair & Make-up Artist is an incredible job. You will learn so many new skills and be part of a close knit team, dedicated to making sure all aspects of wigs, hair and make-up on that production are of a very high standard nightly. You’ll also build good relationships with the actors and dancers on the production as you’ll be working so closely together.

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